Thursday, June 2, 2011


Maeve’s name came to us when Lisa saw it on a book of short stories I had lying around.  (Maeve Binchy was one of the contributors.)  It jumped to the top of our list and never moved. 

Addie’s name, Adelaide, was always a favorite, but I’m not exactly sure where it came from.  A favorite teacher’s wife’s name?  Guys and Dolls?  Regardless, as soon as Lisa mentioned she liked the name, it was pretty much accepted by both of us.

(No, it’s not overly effeminate that I have a book by the author of Circle of Friends AND know characters’ names in Guys and Dolls.  Shut up.)

Anyway, Baby #3 has us stumped.  20 days to go and the most creative name we’ve come up with so far is, well, “Baby #3”.  And you know that would just look terrible on letterhead.

Yeah no.

Oh, wait, I just found a random name generator online.  Okay, the name of Baby #3 is officially…. 

Florencio Rudolf Garvey

Huh.  Doesn’t really roll off the tongue.  Okay, do over.  Baby #3 shall henceforth be known as…

Ileen Thais Garvey

Man, it really takes “random” seriously.  Well, hell, if we’re going for obscure, a quick google search shows me there are a billion different name generators out there.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the list from which Baby #3’s name shall be chosen:

Transformer Name Generator: Jazz Tantrum Garvey

Hillbilly Name Generator: Peggy-Lu Pigpusher Garvey

Professional Wrestler Name Generator: Money Hitman XXX Mistress Garvey

Celtic Mythology Name Generator: Óengus Myrddin Garvey (wha?)

Hawaiian Name Generator: Apikalia Kilikina Garvey (which I believe is the Hawaiian translation for “why are you looking up baby names on the internet?”)

Very Long Name Name Generator: Agequaquasamdyn Hinbanomagey Garvey

Pokemon Name Generator: Urnertle Sneezeychu Garvey

Dungeons and Dragons Character Name Generator: Magmorel Glorygem Garvey (A Female Dwarf Arcane Archer – and I was pretty sure she’d be a diva, like her mom.)

Pirate Name Generator: Cap’n Jelly Bones Garvey

Actually, Lisa and I both love Sneezeychu, but it’s just so common now.  Like, you can’t go to the park without hearing thirteen moms calling for their little Sneezeychus to come get sunscreened.

So, yeah, the search continues, I guess.  Thoughts?


  1. Óengus Myrddin Garvey is actually pronounced "Bob", so you' be OK there

  2. Boys: Benjamin, Ethan, Harold, Jefferson, Samuel, Oliver, Desmond, Caleb

    Girls: Hannah, Nora, Alice, June, Moira, Mara, Charlotte, Mia, Claire

    Some favorites of mine. :)

  3. count basie, joining your love of hereditary monarchies and thunderous bass music.

  4. Bryan - Man, I always get the celtic accent wrong.

    Michele - I actually really like the name "June", but then my daughters' names would sound a bit too close to May, April and June. And they are not ducks. (Anyone catching that reference can claim their obscure reference award at customer service.)