Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pointless post

No baby yet.  I know I’m posting late, but that’s not because we’ve been busy birthin’ no babies.  Yes, someone asked.  You all crazy.

I’m pretty sure I can post from my cell phone, by the way.  I’ll test that out.  If so, I’ll post here with updates on the Big Day.  If not, Esther has successfully filled in for me in this sort of situation before.

Also, my posting here on said Big Day assumes I don’t have other, more important things to tend to.  Like getting ice chips.  I’m a MASTER ice-chip-getter.  I rule at it.  Test me.  Ready?  Now!  Okay, I’m back.  Enjoy your ice chips.

That’s it for today, I think.  All my spare time is going to the billable hours I wrote about yesterday.  Three weeks to go before babytime (unless babytime comes early), which means three weeks (or less) to bank up some paternity time.  Wish me luck.

I’ll write a better post tomorrow.  Maybe about the fact that we don’t have any name ideas.  Oops, no, wait, that’s pretty much it: we don’t have any name ideas.  Please send me some if you have any suggestions.  I’ll get you some ice chips in return.


  1. you can post from your iPad, can't you? You could live-blog the whole labor and delivery!

  2. Yep! And then I can live-blog the divorce proceedings.