Thursday, June 9, 2011

Put down le ducky.

Maeve and Addie got sucked into a riveting episode of Caillou today.  I believe it was about bald Canadian kids or something.  Does that show constantly have the white dreamy border around it?  Is it a show that's a dream sequence about bald Canadian kids whose parents look so similar it's kind of disturbing? Or is Canada just always that foggy?

Anyway, I made a comment to the girls about Peanuts.  Now THAT was a cartoon about a bald kid.  Maeve, who apparently has not met me, was surprised that I used to watch cartoons. 

I bit my lip. No one needed their dreams dashed today. Let the little monkey think Caillou is the second coming of Canadian bald kid cartoons.  She'll learn soon enough.  They'll all learn.  They'll all learn, eh?

Instead, I pulled out the iPad and showed them clips of the classics.  Tom and Jerry, Buggs Bunny, Yogi Bear.  Flintstones and the Jetsons.  He-Man, Transformers, and, of course, Ducktales.

This made me particularly happy:

Rest assured her dreams remain intact, though.  As I was putting her to bed, she asked if we could watch "that kid with no hair" on my iPad tomorrow.  I don't think she meant Peanuts.

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