Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Cinderella,

Me: Maeve, what should I write about on my blog?

Maeve: Cinderella.

Me: You think I should tell people about Cinderella on my blog?

Maeve: Yes.  Wait, what?  

Me: What should I write about on the internet for everyone to read?  It should be about the new baby.  What should we tell people about the new baby?

Maeve:  Oh. (beat) Cinderella.

Me: Right, okay.  Um, do you think the new baby will like the story of Cinderella?  

Maeve: Maybe.

Me: How about you tell me the story of Cinderella and I will type it down and then when the baby comes we can read it to him or her.

Maeve: It’s a girl.

Me: Okay, we can read it to her.

Maeve: Dear Cinderella.  The new baby is coming.  We are telling her the story about you and the glass slipper.  (Note: This makes sense, kind of.  Whenever the girls ask what I’m typing, I tell them I’m sending an email to someone.  So the iPod is either for daddy to send a letter or play Smurf Village, apparently.)  Once upon a time.  There was a beautiful princess who danced.  Whose name was Cinderella with mice.  And she wanted to dance.  So.  The fairy godmother helped her with a dress and hair.  And then she danced with the prince and her eeeeevil sisters didn’t dance with anyone.  And she told the prince to take her glass slipper.  (Note: Here, Maeve ran out of the room.  And then came back!  DRAMA!) And the prince took her glass slipper to Cinderella and the eeeeevil sisters tried to take the glass slipper but the prince put it on Cinderella and it was juuuuuust right.

Me: And then?

Maeve: …

Me: What happened then?  Maeve?  Maybe you should close your, you know, letter to Cinderella.    

Maeve: …
Me: And they lived happily ever after, dancing, trying on glass footwear, and being hypnotized by cartoons about bald Canadian kids.  Write soon.  Xoxo, Maeve and Daddy.

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  1. I don't know who this Caillou is but I really don't think its fair to leave Cinderella hanging...throw her a "happily ever after!"

    Too Funny!