Saturday, January 21, 2012

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum...

Addie and I had a sick day yesterday and today.  To kill time, we downloaded an Easy-Bake Oven™ app onto my ipad. It was fun, until Addie realized you could email your electronically decorated confectioneries to other people, at which point it became decidedly awesome.

Dear Aunt Mooey, 
I love you and I made you a cupcake because I love you and it’s almost your birthday. I love you. 
Dear Addie. 

(Dad’s note: Mary's birthday is in October.  New Year's Day is a bit after that. Addie's sick, though.  We'll let her calendar faux pas slide this once.)

Dear Aunt Cecilia and Aunt Amy, 
I love you and there’s very nice to kind you. Enjoy this cupcake. I love you. Goodbye. 
Dear Addie. 

(Dad's note: Addie was serious.  It is VERY nice to kind them.)

Dear Julia, 
You’re a princess and I love you. I hope you very much enjoy a cupcake from me. When I’m better, please come over and play with me. I love you and goodbye! 

(Dad's note: I'm not sure why Addie signed her cupcake emails with "Dear Addie" and I'm further not sure why Julia and Nana (below) are the only two to get "Love, Addie".  It's a Julia thing, I guess.)

Dear Gramma, 
I love you and I’m feeling better and I’m so sorry I’m sick. But I love you very much and I’m glad you’re enjoying your cupcake. I love you and I love you because you’re our princess. All of our family so much sorry you’re gone. Enjoy your cupcake. 
Dear Addie.

(Dad’s note: Gramma isn’t dead. She’s on vacation.)

Dear Aunt Katie, 

I’m sorry I’m sick but I’m so much I can play with you later. I love you very much. I wish I can play with you later but I love you very much. You are so much kind but I’m sorry I’m sick but you can come later. Say hi to Finn for me! 
Dear Addie from Addie. 

(Dad's note: SO much kind.  And very much nice to kind her.  Even this day she is.)

Dear Nana, 
I love you and I’m sorry I’m sick but I love you very much. I send you a cupcake. Why? Because I love you. 

(Dad's Note: I had to blog these.  Why?  Because they're hilarious.)

Dearest Father,
I made you an extra special and olfactorily accurate cupcake.  Enjoy it with my compliments.
All my love,

(Dear Addie: Okay I made this one.  But it was my sick day too, so you have to admit the cupcake ain't lying.  Regardless, I had fun playing with you.  Get well soon.  Dear Dad.)

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