Monday, February 20, 2012

BufBloPoFo, TNG

Think back to a simpler time, friends. You know, back in 2008, I mean. Then again in 2009. Remember then?  Remember those years?  Know what they had that 2010 and 2011 sadly lacked?

Yup. BufBloPoFo.

The Buffalo Blog Posting Fortnight was an e-kick in the keister that I, and several really attractive participants, put together back when we all needed a little boost to our web-logging wherewithal. I challenged anyone who wanted to play along to post to their blogs once a day for 14 days, either in response to a daily topic, or about whatever their little participant heart desired.

I figured it would be fun to challenge myself, and a good way for some if my friends to help me procrastinate from schoolwork. BufBloPoFo, however, grew bigger than I expected and a lot of truly awesome people wrote some really fun stuff.

I’m back in the blogging game now, intermittently.  Even though I started Royal Toybox, Reopened as a (I hate this term) “daddy-blog” to document my quickly-growing children, I admit I’m a little intrigued by a third fortnight of talking about movies or legos or soup or whatever.

So, wanna read along?  Hell, wanna PARTICIPATE?  I think you do.  I think you miss blogging as much as I did and really want to answer 14 inane questions.

Hit me up if you do.  It’ll be March 1 through March 14.  

Don't let your 2012 sadly lack a BufBloPoFo.

Hey, it is still a daddy blog.

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  1. Yes, count me in! :) I can use some recharge to my blogging topics!