Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pics of kids taken by sisters at a party for moms

My wonderful sister, Katie, took some pictures of our Mothers Day BBQ.  Yes we had a bbq to honor our mothers.  They liked it.  Shut up.

Anyway, she posted these to facebook, but because, I think we'll all agree on this, facebook is quickly losing popularity and blogging is totally making a comeback, I'm transferring the pictures here.

Happy Mothers Day, y'all.  Pass the corn.

Clark recently started crawling (as I noted in my last post), so this is about the cleanest you'll see his shirts these days.
Young Finn, my nephew, enjoying a joy ride in the Awesome Bouncy Car Jumper Thing That Plays Music And Needs New Batteries At Least Once A Week (tm).
Enjoying the sun, having some laughs, crossing legs, waiting for food, etc.
Maeve defying gravity and my instructions not to give her mother a heart attack until after mothers day is over.
Oh, wait, gravity's kicking in.

Aaaaaand, this is Adelaide, about to kick a princess balloon into the stratosphere.
Might be brownie crumbs.  Might be dirt.  Happy Mothers Day!


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  1. I agree! I am so over Facebook and its so great to see these happy little faces! Made my day :)