Monday, May 30, 2011

Be prepared.

While driving to a nephew’s birthday party yesterday, we got caught behind the Buffalo Marathon.  Congratulations to the runners, by the way.  I’d have joined you, but I, you know, hate running.  Unless it’s either from something you dislike or to something you love.  Then I wholeheartedly endorse it. 

No, wait, unless it’s either from something you dislike or to something you love and you don’t happen to have a car on you.  Man, I should go into marketing.  “Running – For When You Just Have To Get Away And/Or To Someplace And Don’t Have Any Better Options Than Just Plain Old Running…

Anyway, right, nephew’s party.  So while we were waiting, Lisa and I started to talk about who would take Maeve and Addie while we were at the hospital for Baby #3.  Maeve has school, depending on the day.  Addie has day care, depending on the day.  Lisa and I work, again, depending on the day.  So, depending on the day, we came up with approximately seven kabillion contingency plans for who would take the gals once Lisa’s water broke.

Plan #3312:  We lock them out, they pretend to be statues.

And because I love my children and generally hope they don’t ever get kidnapped, I’m not really going to tell you what any of those plans are.  You can thank the kidnappers for this slightly abbreviated blog post.  Damn kidnappers, ruining it for everyone.

I will say, though, that about 99% of those plans quickly got reduced to a much more manageable “one”, when we realized they all pretty much ended with the same (awesome) babysitter.  Here’s a pro-tip for all you parents out there: if you can reduce your contingency plans from seven kabillion to one, I recommend it.  Also, stop all that running.

Now I’m sharing all this with you so you can cross one item off the list from yesterday.  See?  Progress!

PS – thanks to Scott for outing me on facebook and getting me to 100 hits in record time. Also, a special congrats to Leah who ran in the marathon.  What are you running from, Leah?  Or to?  And why not drive?!? 


  1. I miss those cute faces! How is it a year since we were there visiting you guys!