Sunday, May 29, 2011

What needs to be known:

  • Baby #3 is due June 22, 2011;
  • Which means Lisa is 36 (and a bit) weeks preggers;
  • We haven't picked out names yet;
  • Don't know the sex either;
  • We have discussed packing the hospital bag;
  • But not its contents;
  • We are pretty sure someone will care for Maeve and Addie while we're at the hospital;
  • Should probably pack them a bag too;
  • Cripes, this is pretty much just turning into a to-do list, isn't it?;
  • Buy bananas;
  • Um, what else?;
  • Oh! The nursery is all set! We did that! And there's a 50% chance we won't have to paint it!;
  • Lisa tells me she's feeling "fine", but pregnant ladies are allowed to lie;
  • tells me the baby is the size of a crenshaw melon this week, and while Lisa looks fantastic, I'm hesitant to believe anyone can have a crenshaw in their gut and feel anywhere in the same universe as "fine";
  • She really does look good though;
  • Haven't made the l&d ward mix cd yet, but I know it'll have, by request, Adele;
  • I think that's about it...;
  • Oh, I made a blog, that's something, right?


  1. * wiper fluid, root beer, salt

  2. So excited for you guys! :) Didn't realize her due date was so close. Thank goodness for the blog ;)_